Abit of a short post but if you read my Thor cosplay post, you would know all about my Thor cosplay!
I was unfortunately unable to attend MCM Comic Con in London, so I went to the Birmingham one instead. I had so much fun and I met the most lovely people.
My breast plate did tear as I arrived which I was really sad about, but I had been moving quite abit on the train etc, so that will need some fixing. :(
Overall, I really enjoyed the day, even if there wasn't really much to see and a lot of things were really overpriced.
If you havent seen how I made my costume you can read about it here!

These are a few pictures I managed to get from the day :)

Can't wait to get working on my next cosplay!

I feel like all I ever write about is just random little rants that appear in my head while I'm walking home or something, which is nice. Reflection is probably one of my favourite things to do, I analyse, question and conclude all in the space of around 10 minutes.

But recently I've been noticing how much more confidence I have in myself, which is incredibly important to me, considering the place I was in, lets say, last year.. But what does sense of self mean?

Its your personality, your identity and your self esteem, which makes up the very core of who you are as a person. So in my case that brings alot of positivity to my life, I have a tendency to shy away from large groups of people, I would much rather sit in the corner and talk to one person than a group, but I've found as I've become more independent, it's increased my confidence and boosted my sense of self.

Friendship is so important to me and growing up in my later teens, I always felt like I didn't have any friends.. acquaintances, maybe, but if somebody didn't like me or want to hang out, I would take it personally and feel as though I wasn't good enough. It was all down to my sense of self and confidence in myself.

Because I had none.

Back to my little reflection earlier, people say hurtful things because their sense of self is warped or broken in some kind of way, and if they can't accept you or even want to, then why should their warped ideas or opinions determine your self-worth?

Same goes for dating, going back to a post I wrote a while back - after reading it again I thought why the hell did I feel that way - if somebody wants to join me on my crazy whirlwind, then that's cool. But if they don't it isn't a reflection of myself.

For once in my life I feel like I rule.. and I wanted to shout about it, and rant.. about stuff


This month I've decided to get back into reading. I've been a bookworm since I was very little, going to the library every week after school and I lost my love for reading as I got older. So in an attempt to 'rekindle' my love for books I set myself a challenge! I will try to keep this as non-spoilery as possible..

It's no secret as I've spoken many times about the difficulties I have faced whilst being at university regarding mental health. For all those lovely freshers out there, you have no idea what is ahead! It is extremely common for students to struggle with mental health issues and I am not surprised! Moving away from home, combined with all the added stress of studying + trying to make friends is extremely overwhelming! Noticing the signs that you have a problem before it escalates is something to really look out for. I will be going into my third and final year this year and honestly, I didn't really have my shit together till the end of last year. I felt so much more confident once I had set a routine and I want to carry that on to the most important year of all. So here are some of my tips I've found to work if I get into a rut.