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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Its been a long time since I've actually written anything, although I have been meaning to, but I guess I'm at the dreaded blogger place of hitting the 'blogger's block' or as I like to think, I've hit the wall. Not just in writing but also just generally in my life at the moment and I feel as though I'm about to start the dreaded cycle that comes after hitting the wall, being a lazy slob.

My life isn't particularly exciting like other fancy, successful bloggers. I live in a rubbish looking student house, which currently has all of my washing piled outside my bedroom - glamorous I know.. my cooking looks like beans on toast with a side of noodles and I'm pretty sure that my bedroom has mould growing behind my desk. (hardly instagram worthy)

So I get it, it's easy to become disheartened with the amount of effort you put into something to only look at someone else's and think, 'what's the point.' but the thing is, it's not REAL.

It really frustrates me how the blogging world is stuck in this perfect blogger phase and it's so saturated now, nobody can really get a foot in the door anywhere.
I feel as though I've taken a whole step back from the reasoning of why I blog and it's just so obvious to me now.

SURE my life is pretty shitty looking.. I'm currently writing this in some scraggy weird PJ dress and a smelly jumper (which I probably should wash at some point) but does that make me any lesser of a blogger than someone else? (because I'm sure they do it too)

I write because I love writing. & now I tend to follow people who's lives I find interesting.. and well normal. I'm loving bloggers at the moment who are themselves, and I guess that's what I'm aspiring to be.

I am really excited to get up and blogging again and not think about 'oh god what am I going to post next, I'm trying to stay motivated and I'm just gunna let it flow and see what happens!

*you can do it!* :)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

When I was little I used to be a ridiculous bookworm. My mom would take me to the library every week and I'd pick up 6/7 books and they would all be read by the following week. Now with all the new distractions and technology, I don't tend to read much anymore and I pretty much grew out of my bookworm habits. I'm trying a lot harder to read more, especially at university when it's easy to lie around in bed all day.. while on my laptop (netflix, damn you!) So I'm finally utilizing my iPad to it's bookworm potential and I'm hoping to finish a book every week!

This week I finished John Green's Paper Towns. If you've seen 'The fault in our stars' which was released as a film earlier this year, it's written by the same author. I previously read 'the fault in our stars' before it was released as a film and I literally blubbed my eyes out.. same as his other books that I'd read beforehand.

Paper Towns is being released as a film pretty soon I think, I know they've just finished filming it, with Cara Delevingne as the main character, Margo. Personally, after finishing it I think she's the perfect casting for the role and is literally everything about the character. I really wanted to read it before the movie came out because I usually prefer the book to the movie, and if I read a book afterwards, I imagine the actors as the characters and it just.. no. It's so frustrating haha.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from 'Paper Towns' I didn't really know where the story was going when I started reading it, But basically..*

It's about a guy who goes on some huge long quest to find Margo, a seemingly troubled girl who quite frankly is a little nuts.. and drags this guy around to find her and you don't know what they are, are they friends.. are they just ugh. I guess it's sort of romantic..... sort of...

I actually really enjoyed it though.. it was funny in a chuckling kind of way and it's such an easy read, which is why I love John Green. If you're looking for a romance like 'The fault in our stars' it's not really much of one... It's quite a lot of chasing around and faffing about with clues and and what not, more of a puzzle than a smushy romance book.

However I love how clever the book is written and how all the clues all add up together and I did really love reading it. I wasn't impressed with the ending though. It kind of made me a little mad as its just meh.. Maybe the movie will tell a little more, but I finished the book feeling kind of aggravated that I didn't know what happened..

Would I read it again? Maybe, I don't know..
Will I see the movie? Definitely.

Have you read Paper towns?

Friday, 19 December 2014

Tomorrow I'm finally leaving little Bournemouth and going back to my hometown for Christmas. The best part is that I'm actually driving home instead of getting the train, which is cold and boring and my book usually gets interrupted by some noisy crying child or some drunken idiot at 11pm.

Which is why I'm really excited for the 2 and half hour drive, driving alone, This means I can drive to whatever music I want to and blast my little lungs out on the motorway. I'm so excited for the home comforts, that no student housing can give. It's also been a long time since I've spent some alone time with my family, which I'm actually really excited about. Being away from home makes you miss more than you thought you would.

What are you excited for this christmas?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Today I overslept, again. And the importance of having routine at university is so important to me as not everyday is easy, just getting out of bed in the mornings is a difficult enough challenge.. Today I realized how much easier my life would be, and how much easier other people's lives would be if we just helped each other out every once in a while.

Although I would consider myself as hating all people because, they are people. I know I only tell myself that because it is 100% not true. My life revolves around people, I get crazily nervous when I'm on my own, specifically. If people were more understanding and took the time out of their day to just text somebody and say 'hey how're you doing today?' maybe a lot less people would be a lot less sad.

I consider myself quite an understanding person. Although I feel incredibly awkward when I have somebody crying into me, I try my best to gather what empathy I do have to help the other person out and do what I can to try and make their lives a little more comfortable. Even if it's simply asking if they would like to go on a little walk today, or offering to go shopping with them just to get them out the house, because I get it. I know how hard it was to get out of the duvet this morning.

I'm not really sure what point it is that I'm trying to get across today, I'm just rambling on like usual. Winter is cold, its miserable, its un-motivating and well sometimes its just nice to know somebodies thinking about you.

Instead of burying yourself in online social media today, maybe you should give that old friend a text and see what they're up to later.