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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

 Week 2/3 of my Live Project, and I've been experimenting loads in my sketchbook and I'm excited to show you what it is that I've actually been working on this week. I've started getting into embroidery, (which I am loving) alongside some applique and other techniques that I have been playing around with. This week I had finished alot of my initial research, and was really inspired to get creating.

^ (one of my drawings and sample)

From my research, I really wanted to include sensory, touchy-feely items. So I hit some crafty shops and bought loads of random things that would create a sensory feel. This included foam-clay, loom bands, various different foam pieces, a jiggly spider and a bunch of embroidery tools to start experimenting. I also got some of these cute little baby hair bobbles, which I thought could look really cool on samples.

I began to do some painting's in response to some of my artist research, but I preferred more of a cut-out & drawing type of media. I did however develop some of my sensory idea's and started painting with spaghetti.

After having a tutorial with Jenny, we decided that the spaghetti experiments weren't really strong enough and she preferred my previous work, my drawings and cut out's inspired by Henry Matisse, Amelia Vivash and Matty Bovan.

^ Research on Amelia Vivash, with some drawings in response.

^ Research on Matty Bovan, with response drawings and a sample.

Some of my own drawings, with relevant samples. I used foam pieces, embroidery threads and I cut up the squishy spider and sewn that on also. I really love the pattern and texture of these samples.

^ Some of the sample's (in process) that I've created this week. I feel like I really took Jenny's feedback and decided to follow my research further into my samples. I still want to keep the sensory theme, but I think I can still project this via the materials I use. (e.g, the squishy spider) I've been using foam, felt, and alot of embroidery, to create texture. I feel I could develop this further by possibly using yarns, or including some knit work.

I have been continuing to draw more and create samples that reflect my drawings, which I will show more about about in my next post.

We also finished our 'childrenswear' moodboard as a group. However, we still need to work on a colour theme together so our final look will all fit cohesively together.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Alot of you know that I'm currently studying a fashion degree at AUB,. Instead of making a seperate blog for this unit, I've decided to show you guys a little bit of my work and how it progresses each week! (ooh, ahh!) For my current unit at university I have to make a weekly blog post on my current project, which is a live project for Leutton Postle, (who you can check out here)

But their collections are so awesome, full of colour and texture and textiles and I am literally so excited + inspired to get started and it's really great to have Jenny Postle's input throughout this unit. I feel like this will really help to advance my textiles skills, which at the moment are pretty slim, so for me this is a great project to expand my knowledge.

^ Some of my sketchbook work, 
research on 'yago hortal'

So after our briefing we were put into groups in which our's was designated childrenswear! (which is really exciting!) We all had different ideas and this allowed us to bounce off each other and see what people had come up with.

We began to put together our moodboard and join our concepts together. We have decided to meet again next week when everyone has collected more research. This will then allow us to create an even better moodboard.

As this is the initial research stage for our live project Jenny took us to the library to gather some research. We looked into different patterns and alot of abstract expressionism. We looked at lines and mark-making and we looked at some really interesting artists.

^ More of my sketchbook work & research.

So now, most of my work is on my bedroom wall above my desk, I like to think of it as a giant mood wall.. I went abit mental with scanning in the library with my research, so until I find a place for it in my head, on my wall it will stay. Which is handy because it allows me to generate ideas whenever I look at my wall!

I'm excited to start developing on my concept and working on my collage and sketchbook work some more and I will keep you updated next week! :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I decided to make a little video this week as I get so many questions about how I dye my hair straight down the middle.

My roots were pre-bleached the day before, ready for dying. If they weren't they wouldn't take as well or brightly! It's pretty simple, so check it out!

(photos underneath)

And here's some photo's of my hair up close so you can get an idea of the true colour!
I used Manic Panic's Electric Lizard and La riche Directions in Turquoise. I'm actually loving this colour at the moment, and Manic Panic's electric lizard has to be one of my fave colours ever, it's practically neon, and it has a UV glow to it! (so exciting) I couldn't find many photographs of how electric lizard turns out, but it's quite yellow toned.. my hair was blue before I dyed it green which I guess made it greener and why my roots are more yellow.. so maybe adding a tiny blob of blue dye will make it greener? Knowing how colours work really helps when dying you hair crazy colours!

Thanks for reading!
(any questions feel free to ask!)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Its been a long time since I've actually written anything, although I have been meaning to, but I guess I'm at the dreaded blogger place of hitting the 'blogger's block' or as I like to think, I've hit the wall. Not just in writing but also just generally in my life at the moment and I feel as though I'm about to start the dreaded cycle that comes after hitting the wall, being a lazy slob.

My life isn't particularly exciting like other fancy, successful bloggers. I live in a rubbish looking student house, which currently has all of my washing piled outside my bedroom - glamorous I know.. my cooking looks like beans on toast with a side of noodles and I'm pretty sure that my bedroom has mould growing behind my desk. (hardly instagram worthy)

So I get it, it's easy to become disheartened with the amount of effort you put into something to only look at someone else's and think, 'what's the point.' but the thing is, it's not REAL.

It really frustrates me how the blogging world is stuck in this perfect blogger phase and it's so saturated now, nobody can really get a foot in the door anywhere.
I feel as though I've taken a whole step back from the reasoning of why I blog and it's just so obvious to me now.

SURE my life is pretty shitty looking.. I'm currently writing this in some scraggy weird PJ dress and a smelly jumper (which I probably should wash at some point) but does that make me any lesser of a blogger than someone else? (because I'm sure they do it too)

I write because I love writing. & now I tend to follow people who's lives I find interesting.. and well normal. I'm loving bloggers at the moment who are themselves, and I guess that's what I'm aspiring to be.

I am really excited to get up and blogging again and not think about 'oh god what am I going to post next, I'm trying to stay motivated and I'm just gunna let it flow and see what happens!

*you can do it!* :)